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Breast Augmentation in Seattle, Washington

Everything You Need To Know

In the city known for its bustling tech scene and stunning skyline, Seattle boasts another titillating trait. Yes. We’re talking about Breast Augmentation. So, let’s dive straight in!

Understanding Breast Augmentation

It is widely accepted that a person’s appearance plays a key role in their self-esteem. One such aspect that affects body image significantly is the physical appearance of breasts. In Seattle, many choose Breast Augmentation for various reasons, including enhancing breast size for cosmetic reasons or restoration after mastectomy or injuries. There are primarily two types of

Breast Augmentation Methods Available

1. Breast Implants – The surgeon places silicone, saline, or alternative composite breast implants under the chest muscles or breast tissue. 
2. Fat Transfer – Liposuction involves taking fat from other body parts and injecting it into the breasts.

Breast Implant Types

It can be silicone or saline, each touting its perks. Silicone implants are known for their natural feel, while saline implants, filled with sterile salt water, ensure a uniform shape, firmness, and feel.

The Process and Its Procedures

Whether you’re getting them larger, lifting them, or reconstructing them, here’s how these procedures work:
Breast Augmentation Procedure Steps
  1. A cut (incision) is made in the breasts – around the nipple, crease under the breast, or the armpit.
  2. The breast implant is placed into a pocket above or below your chest muscle.
  3. The incision is closed with surgical tape, sutures, or skin adhesive.
Breast Reconstruction
It is typically done post-mastectomy using an implant or tissue from another body part. This procedure aims to restore symmetry between the two breasts.
Breast Lift Services
Seattle is fast gaining popularity. Excess skin is removed, and breast tissue is reshaped to raise the breasts.

Top Clinics and Professionals in the City

Seattle has many highly-rated plastic surgeons and clinics offering various cosmetic procedures. Get sound and professional advice before getting under the knife.

Cost and Affordability
While the cost of breast augmentation differs based on various factors, it is essential to discuss the financial aspect. Clinics in Seattle offer affordable options and flexible financing methods. Some clinics even provide insurance, making it even more accessible for everyone.
Risks and Success Rates
No surgery comes without risks. Possible complications may include scarring, pain, infection, implant rupture, etc.
Success Rate of Breast Augmentation
In Seattle, the success rate of breast augmentation is comparably high, with most patients expressing high happiness rates post-surgery.
Patient Experiences and Testimonials
Sure, understanding the procedures and knowing the risks is necessary. But hearing from those who’ve experienced it firsthand gives a whole new perspective. Patient testimonials and reviews offer excellent insight into what to expect.
Breast Augmentation has been evolving over the years, and the advancements in this field have made it a popular and effective procedure that can boost your self-esteem and improve your overall physical appearance. Remember to research and consult with certified clinics and professionals in Seattle to ensure the best results.