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Understanding Breast Augmentation

A Guide for Vancouver Residents

Breast augmentation, popularly regarded as a boob job, isn’t a mere vanity project. For many women, it’s a journey toward confidence, assurance, and comfort. The precious city of Vancouver, Washington, overflows with top-notch centers offering stellar breast augmentation services. But hey, how do you sift the best from the rest? That’s what this piece is all about!

A Quick Dive into Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation, also known as mammoplasty, is a procedure to enhance the size, shape, or fullness of your breasts. Thanks to modern surgical techniques, you’re no longer confined to implants. A wide array of services are waiting to be explored in Vancouver. Let’s dive right in:
Silicone Gel-Filled Implants
These implants, designed to mimic the feel of human fat, are a popular choice among Vancouver women. They have a natural feel and are encased in elastic silicone and filled with silicone gel.
Saline Implants
These implants are firm to the touch and filled with sterile salt water. If a saline implant breaks or leaks, it collapses, and the body absorbs the saline.
Structured Saline Implants
As an innovative option, this type of implant is filled with sterile salt water but includes an inner structure aiming to make the implant feel more like natural breast tissue. 
Now, you might wonder, What if I need corrective surgery rather than enhancement? Vancouver will not disappoint you with its plethora of top-notch breast reconstruction facilities.

Exploring Breast Augmentation Options in Vancouver

Trust us when we say Vancouver is brimming with state-of-the-art breast augmentation options:
  • Standard augmentation with implants 
  • Fat transfer augmentation for a more natural approach
  • Combination augmentation for the best of both worlds.

Choosing Certified Doctors for Your Augification

When choosing an augmentation service provider in Vancouver, don’t compromise with anything less than certified doctors. Check for their certifications and qualifications, and read ‘real’ patient reviews.
Looking for Reviews?
Here are a few tips: 
  1. Look for both the good and the bad.
  2. Pay attention to repeated pros and cons.
  3. Look for specific details provided by reviewers.
  4. Don’t rush; take your time to analyze the reviews.

Understanding the Financial Aspect

No beating around the bush here- breast augmentation procedures in Vancouver come with a price tag. That being said, affordability is subjective, and various financial plans are available to make the procedure accessible.

Cost Elements
The cost breakdown usually includes the following:
  • Anesthesia fees 
  • Hospital or surgical facility costs 
  • Medical tests 
  • Surgeon’s fee.
Insurance and Loans

Your insurance may cover mammoplasty, especially if performed for reconstructive purposes. Check with your insurance provider to understand the coverage better. Alternatively, many clinics offer financing options and easy installment plans.

Preparing for Your Surgery

Before the surgery, your plastic surgeon might ask you to:
  1. Get a baseline mammogram. 
  2. Stop taking certain pills that can increase bleeding. 
  3. Avoid eating or drinking anything after midnight the night before your surgery.

Recovery Expectations

  1. After the surgery, soreness and swelling are normal for a few weeks. 
  2. Fatigue is also expected from the anesthesia. Your doctor might recommend wearing a surgical or sports bra for extra support and positioning of the breast implants. 
  3. Lastly, remember that breast augmentation is a personal decision. It’s about feeling content and confident in your body. 
So, take your time, research, and make a decision that feels right for you. Knowledge is the key to making informed decisions regarding your body and health in Vancouver or elsewhere. Choose what feels right for you and makes you feel the best version of yourself.